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Tall dude, 21, Leo, Aussie (NSW)
Sydney Film School student working as a nurse. My main focus in film is to create a comedy TV series, as well as documentaries on topics which matter to me.

"You've got to have the, sort of, serious moments.. Because that lowers them into a false sense of security" - Ricky Gervais
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How is this even an orgy?! nobody’s having sex. What did you bring me to, what is.. This is like a half nude buffet party!


I’m a honeybee, breaking your heart, broke mine enough to kill me.
I let you feel my sting before my last bittersweet moments of flying.
I thought I heard you say something about being undeserving,
but this time not of a love so great, but of a pain inflicted so selfishly.

I think that you deserve some form of apology.
So here I am, and here it is. I’m sorry.

You were the balloon that drifted from the flock into my window, 
but you slipped right through my fingers that grew too tiresome to hold you.
I watched you float away, watched as it turned into desperate longing.
This time not for some drastic change,
but for the string that was made to be held by me.

I think that you deserve some form of apology.
So here I am, once again, I’m sorry.

I don’t even want you back.
No, I would never want to risk something like that.
'Cause I lost faith in myself, when I turned away,
from the one with the longest stretch of embracing arms to hold me.
So now I’m all alone.
I guess God grew too tired to fix the mistakes he made with love.
I think his biggest mistake was making me.

I think that you deserve some form of apology.
So here I am, at the end, I’m sorry.

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"A genius is a mentally ill person with an audience"

Tim Minchin (via notttom)
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oh my fucking god

"Sometimes my mind is so dark I cannot see any future.
Sometimes, it’s so bright that I spend all my time in the spotlight."

Me (Talking about bipolar disorder)

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Anxiety really cramps my style like how am I going to seem chill and fun if I often start trembling and breathing heavily and developing a look of impending doom in my eyes

If Iron Man can do it, so can I

this is literally one of the most inspirational things 

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